My Focus for Decatur

I am pleased to announce my candidacy for Decatur City Commissioner, District 2, Post B.  I have been a resident of the City of Decatur for 16 years and have been dedicated to this community, with all of the characteristics that make it extraordinary.  When I moved to Decatur, I found it to be diverse and welcoming, unique and thriving, safe and fun. It was for these reasons that I decided to raise my family here.


Over the years, I have observed Decatur’s many changes- some positive, some disappointing and some downright confusing.  As Commissioner, I will represent the voice of the resident who wants to continue to see Decatur maintain all of its charm, warmth and diversity by implementing common sense growth planning, increasing the availability of affordable housing and maintaining safe routes for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers in the community.

I bring to the City Commission my unique perspective.  I am a mom of a teenager, a tween and a toddler.

I commute to work using MARTA.  I have been an active volunteer at College Heights, Oakhurst, F.Ave and Renfroe. By profession, I am a Third Party Risk Manager for a large financial institution.  I have years of experience with identifying and managing risks, reviewing contracts and invoices, analyzing spend and implementing cost-saving initiatives.  As Commissioner, I will couple this experience with my love of the community and desire to help Decatur remain a thriving, welcoming and award-winning city.

I look forward to continuing discussions with my neighbors about which issues are most important in District 2 and what positive actions we can take to make improvements where needed.  Most importantly, I am grateful for the opportunity to serve.

-Lesa Mayer

Common Sense Growth
Affordable Housing
Safe Transit

Lesa's Priorities

A Voice for All of Decatur

Affordable Housing 

Supporting actions that improve the availability of affordable housing options that will preserve Decatur's diversity and inclusive culture. Focus on providing more workforce, senior and moderate income housing. 

Smart School Partnerships

Protecting diversity in our strong school district and collaborating more and in new ways with the city school board to manage smart growth.

Smart Transit/Less Traffic

Adding and improving safe routes for walkers and cyclists while maintaining roads that allow easy access into and out of the city for commuters.

Common Sense Growth

Insuring that we have the infrastructure in place, with our roads, schools and alternative transit options, to support Decatur's current and future growth.

Improve Communication

Ensuring better communication between the city and residents via regular email and updates and direct invites to meetings. Utilize technology to improve involvement from community in governance.

Innovative Ideas

Bringing innovative ideas to the table to help Decatur grow in new ways that will attract a diverse community to our city. Making sure that we maximize the value of every tax dollar and at the same time being a leader for small cities in smart, responsible growth.