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Meet Lesa Mayer

"I want to serve my community that I love."

I am pleased to announce my candidacy for Decatur City Commissioner, District 2, Post B.  I have been a resident of the City of Decatur for 16 years and have been dedicated to this community, with all of the characteristics that make it extraordinary.  When I moved to Decatur, I found it to be diverse and welcoming, unique and thriving, safe and fun. It was for these reasons that I decided to raise my family here.


Over the years, I have observed Decatur’s many changes- some positive, some disappointing and some downright confusing.  As Commissioner, I will represent the voice of the resident who wants to continue to see Decatur maintain all of its charm, warmth and diversity by implementing common sense growth planning, increasing the availability of affordable housing and maintaining safe routes for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers in the community.

I bring to the City Commission my unique perspective.  I am a mom of a teenager, a tween and a toddler. I commute to work using MARTA.  I have been an active volunteer at College Heights, Oakhurst, F.Ave and Renfroe. By profession, I am a Third Party Risk Manager for a large financial institution.  I have years of experience with identifying and managing risks, reviewing contracts and invoices, analyzing spend and implementing cost-saving initiatives.  As Commissioner, I will couple this experience with my love of the community and desire to help Decatur remain a thriving, welcoming and award-winning city.

I look forward to continuing discussions with my neighbors about which issues are most important in District 2 and what positive actions we can take to make improvements where needed.  Most importantly, I am grateful for the opportunity to serve.

-Lesa Mayer

Lesa's Priorities

A Voice for All of Decatur

Improve Communication

Ensuring better communication between the city and residents via regular email and updates and direct invites to meetings. Utilize technology to improve involvement from community in governance.

Innovative Ideas

Bringing innovative ideas to the table to help Decatur grow in new ways that will attract a diverse community to our city. Making sure that we maximize the value of every tax dollar and at the same time being a leader for small cities in smart, responsible growth.

Smart Transit/Less Traffic

Adding and improving safe routes for walkers and cyclists while maintaining roads that allow easy access into and out of the city for commuters.

Common Sense Growth

Insuring that we have the infrastructure in place, with our roads, schools and alternative transit options, to support Decatur's current and future growth.

Affordable Housing 

Supporting actions that improve the availability of affordable housing options that will preserve Decatur's diversity and inclusive culture. Focus on providing more workforce, senior and moderate income housing. 

Smart School Partnerships

Protecting diversity in our strong school district and collaborating more and in new ways with the city school board to manage smart growth.

Lesa's Supporters

Friends and neighbors who are proud to support Lesa

Mayor Emerita Elizabeth Wilson
Maria Alvarez
Hector and Christy Amador
Tara Asch
Jennifer Ballantine
Randi Balog
Miche Baskett
Josh Becker
April Biagioni
Erin Braden
Patty Bonner
Dana Tottenham Chang
James and Gretchen Cobb
Jodi Cobb
Richard Cohen 
Phil Cuffey
Cristin Davis
Matt Donald
Rachel Donnelly
Scott Doyon
Greg Farley
Franny Glass
Kavita Rajanna and Adam Horowitz 
Greg and Nicole Hutcheson
Juliette Johnson
Rev. Marti Keller
Kevin & Emily Kinley
Mandy King
Marcia Lampe  
Caroline Leach
Princess London
Tamara Lucas
Amy and Andrew Marti
Sally Peek and Christina Martin
Bill and Lee Mayer
Ash Miller
Erin Murphy
Kelly Ogden
Katie and Adam Pinsley
Amy and James Radford
Julie Rahme
Zeena Regis
Clare and Jay Schexnyder
Kerri Shannon
Jennifer Pilot and Guy Smith
Christa Sobon
Stacey and Susan Sparks
Melanie R. Stephenson
Nibs Stroupe
Laurie Taglialetela
Seth Tepfer
Cynthia Varkey
Justin and Elle Vickery
Kris Webb
Priscilla and Chad Werner
Tasha White
Kyle Williams
Carter Wilson
Valerie Wilson

Letters of Support

On November 5th, I’ll be voting for Lesa Mayer for District 2, Decatur City Commissioner. I am confident that Lesa will be an effective and tireless advocate for all citizens of Decatur. She will bring a much needed perspective to Decatur’s city commission. I have lived in the City of Decatur since 1949. In 1984, I became the first African American to serve on the Decatur City Commission and in 1993 I became the city’s first African-American mayor. My time in public service taught me a thing or two about leadership. And for me the most important leadership skill is listening. From my first interaction with Lesa, she showed a commitment to listening to the concerns of Decatur residents. In every phone call and in every meeting, Lesa spends more time listening than talking. She is always smart, thoughtful and solution focused when problems are presented to her. I love her vision for Decatur. And I know all of her experiences, including being a mother to a toddler, tween, and a teen, will make her a strong, creative and inspired leader. I am thrilled to endorse Lesa and I know she is going to be a wonderful commissioner in this diverse community.

Mayor Emerita Elizabeth Wilson

I want to encourage all Decatur District 2 residents (from Oakhurst, MAK district and Winnona Park) to vote for Lesa Mayer on November 5th. Lesa impressed me the day she stepped up to run for City Commission. She’s the mom of a toddler, tween and a teen and has a long-time career at SunTrust in risk management. She has so much on her plate, but she felt the strong call to serve in her city — to guarantee a voice for all Decatur’s citizens, no matter your age, income or race.

Lesa has made affordable housing for all and protecting and attracting diversity her main priorities in her campaign. She wants to insure that her neighbors who have lived in Decatur for 40+ years can afford to remain in their homes, and she also wants to find new and creative ways to provide housing opportunities for people who work in our city, those younger people who want to live here but can’t find affordable housing and those who are struggling to keep up with the higher cost of living in Decatur.

Lesa has told me it’s her goal to work with commissioners, the school board, the development authority and zoning board to use a variety of tools to come up with solutions. We’re a small town of 25,000 people and 4.4 square miles. We have a city full of smart, resourceful people who love their community and want to see us be the best we can be.

Lesa’s commitment to smart growth and assessing if our infrastructure can meet current demands and be improved is another issue that’s important to me. I know Lesa will bring her full self to every meeting and will work hard to represent all the voices in Decatur. I wholeheartedly endorse her candidacy and invite my neighbors to vote for Lesa Mayer!

Remember, early voting started Oct. 14th and on Nov. 5th, District 2 voters will no longer vote at Renfroe Middle School—you’ll now vote at either Evergreen Baptist Church at 303 Fourth Avenue or Oakhurst Baptist Church at 222 East Lake Drive. You should have received notification by mail about your new polling location.


Amy Marti

2017 Decatur Hometown Hero

Elder, Oakhurst Presbyterian Church

Past Member of the School Leadership Teams for College Heights, Winnona Park, FAve and Renfroe

Member, Beacon Hill Black Alliance for Human Rights

Girl Scout Leader


While Lesa and I have both lived in Decatur for over a decade and a half, I’ve had the pleasure of knowing her for about eight years. I’ve consistently found Lesa to be a caring, compassionate, intelligent, and thoughtful person, who is willing to listen to all sides of an issue. Aside from her warmth and kindness, my favorite thing about Lesa is that she always does what she commits to doing – always. As a fellow mother who works outside the home and volunteers as best I can, I highly value this quality in my friend, Lesa. Her tireless involvement in our community demonstrates that she is a person of service, integrity, and action. She truly wants the best for Decatur and its residents.

During her candidacy, Lesa has reached out to many Decatur residents to hear their thoughts and concerns about our beloved city. Based on those conversations as well as her own assessments, she has set and communicated clear priorities as a candidate.

I know she’ll serve the city’s residents with the same passion she exhibits in all her endeavors. My earnest and sincere belief is Lesa will be a true advocate for all District 2 residents. I wish Lesa the best on Nov. 5 and encourage my District 2 neighbors to cast their vote for Lesa Mayer.


Christa Sobon

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